This is the post excerpt.

” You don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning, do you?”

One day it hit me… not in small waves as I expected, instead it was like an ocean, roaring at the edges as it dragged me under. I felt breathless, helpless and hopeless, the more I fought the harder it became to breath.

The only choice you ask?

Stop fighting. Let it consume you. Let it take away everything you once had, stop fighting.

That to me is what depression feels like. In this moment, all I can see is water above me… and with each stroke I am being pulled further and further to the bottom.

Life has thrown me wave after wave… and until now I kept swimming.

Until that day when everything changed… when you took your last breath, when I forgot how to swim…

Drowning. Breathless. Broken.

Seven months later and I have only realised now that you weren’t the only one that took her last breath that day.