Minefield ~

Tiptoe tiptoe,

Barbed wires at every turn,

Watch out,

Every step counts.

This could end in disaster.


Scared to even move,

Afraid of what’s to come,

How did we even get here?

A moment of pure evil,

No longer in control.

This could end in disaster.


You thought you were being clever,

A mind map of every move,

Calculating each step,

Afraid of what could come,

Why has it come down to this?

A feeling so heavy,

Even your heart can’t bear the weight.

This could end in disaster.


You were so careful, weren’t you?

Mapping it all out,

Thinking you were one step ahead,

Believing you had finally won,

When the battle was already lost,

The minefield had already exploded,

And now,

Now there is nothing but disaster.

(I have never seen such a sight).


Someone on my side.

Standing here wanting something I thought I already had,

Where a room filled with darkness began to light up,

And a day as cold as ice slowly melting away,

On a day like this I believed perhaps the world wasn’t all bad.


All I wanted was someone to stay,

A feeling I can only describe as being on a boat alone,

A boat stranded in the middle of the ocean,

Where you have no way to survive but hope someone finds you,

Hope like crazy that someone will come and rescue you.


For months now I’ve sat here so close to drowning,

Waiting for my own rescue boat,

Its funny you know,

I thought I found someone to save me,

Not once, not even twice, but three times I fell into that trap.


To be able to float for such a time with no safety net is beyond me,

Perhaps I learned to survive for so long by believing there were good people out there,

That there were people willing to save me,

Willing to pull me closer,

Allowing me to breathe again.


How naïve of me,

Or perhaps how naïve of us,

To believe someone will come and save us.


Now I finally see it,

How stupid I was before in believing someone would come,

For my mind was playing a trick on me,

Now I know.


Perhaps they would just let me drown while standing right beside me.

Don’t you understand?

All I wanted was someone on my side,

Someone who thought I was worth fighting for,

Someone to finally rescue me.

(Isn’t that what we all want?)