Letting People In.

These walls I’ve built surround such a broken body,

One that has taken hit after hit,

While trying to survive,

Don’t you get it?

I had no choice but to lock you out,

I had no choice but to keep me safe.

This body of mine has become a temple,

One scared of human contact,

A temple built so tightly that nobody could crawl inside,

I guess I always was a bit of a loner,

Or perhaps I’ve been hurt too many times to count.

I think I created such a place a long time ago,

And it takes a lot,

Trust me it takes years before you see the slightest crack,

Before I can give something up,

Before one of these walls slips and I can learn to let you in.

This body,

So fragile,

So broken,

Allowed such a kind soul in,

One who I could trust,

Do you know how good it felt to finally have that?

To not be alone and to let a wall down,

To trust someone whole heartedly.

I let her in,

I let a part of me crumble,

Thinking she’d hold me up,

When all she did was break me down.

She came in,

(I let her in),

And she destroyed me,

In the blink of an eye my temple was destroyed,

And my body along with it.

I guess that’s what you get for letting someone in,

Even the ones you trust can ruin you,

I guess next time I’ll be more careful,

I guess next time I’ll build my own God damn temple and not let anyone in ever again.

(Do you even know what you’ve done?)


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