Forgotten Memories.

“I’m so cold”,

Words I remember so clearly in those last few moments,

Death moving closer,

Ready to consume that beautiful mind of yours.


Nurses rushing in to warm you,

As if it would help,

I guess it’s all they could do at that point,

Covering you with a thick blue blanket,

Something so simple made you feel so content,

Smiling as soon as it hit,

Slowly drifting back to sleep.


That damn blue blanket,

I had forgotten you know,

I had forgotten how it kept you warm,

How it made you feel so safe,

Safety none of us could provide.


I hate myself for that,

For forgetting.


It felt all too real yesterday,

I spent the day with nana,

She was in hospital and it pains me that nobody else came,

It was just me,

Alone again,

Just as it was before.



You were so cold and how were the nurses to know.


“I’m so cold” you shuddered,

As the nurse brought something to warm you up,

Something to keep you safe,

That damn blue blanket,

The exact same one,

The one welcoming death only a year before.


As soon as the blanket wrapped around your body it hit me,

Suppressed memories came to life,

Images of you all wrapped up came flooding back,

It was so painful to watch,

I couldn’t bare the pain again so I ran,

I ran and I ran until I couldn’t feel anything anymore.


And now,

Now you ask,

I hate myself even more,

Yet this time it’s different,

This time,

I hate myself for remembering.



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