When the tides fall,

And the ocean cries,

Nothing but screams remain,

Crying your name,


That’s all I here, 

Carried with the wind,

Almost demanding you to come home.
When the tides fall,

The skies become darker,

As the moon shines more bright than ever,

No more light in the darkest of days,

All that remains is this,

This empty feeling of an unknown ocean,

Still yelling your name,


That’s what they say,

Screaming for you to come home.

When the tides fall,

The waves crash,

The sky fades,

And your mind,

Your mind darkens,

Places you’ve never been before,

Have you? 

The ocean demanding you to come back.

When the tides fall,

When the oceans rush in,

When the world seems low,

There is nothing but a voice,


That’s what they used to say,

And now,

Now all I here is my name. 

Over and over,

They yell and they call and they cry for me,

Tides crashing,

As they demand for me to give in and give up,

Demanding for me to come home. 


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