Don’t look back. 


Don’t stop,

Trust me,

Run as fast as you can,

Never look back.

Drink till your body shakes,

Mind blurs,

Eyes close, 

No regrets though,

Keep going,

Just don’t look back.

You’ve done them all,

Haven’t you? 

Numbing whatever pain you’re in,

Don’t stop, 

Never look back.
Boy after boy,

Girl after girl,

You’ve gone through them all,

Trying to fuck the pain away,

Maybe it’ll work this time,

The key?

Don’t look back.
Mind numb,

Body weak,

You’ve tried it all,

Nothing left,

You’ve destroyed yourself,

The only choice?

Looking back,


What a mess you’ve made

(perhaps avoidance is key after all).
Now my darling,

Turn around,

Keep walking,

And never ever look back,

After all, 

It’s too painful down there. 


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