With a mind endlessly racing,

And a heart constantly beating,

That beautiful brain of yours never seems to slow down,


In and out,


My darling.
A world so fixated on time,

Tick, tick, tick,

Never slowing down,

Not even for the ones in pain,


In and out,

That’s what the world needs,

Take a moment,

My darling,

Just breathe.
So caught up,

Barrier after barrier,

Problem after problem,

Being thrown your way,

How is anyone meant to keep up?

A world moving too fast,


Take a moment,

And breathe.


My Darling,

I hope it’s enough.
I can see your eyes fading,

A body close to giving up,

With a mind that’s slowing,

And a heart ready to stop,

You can’t possibly keep up,


My darling.

With nothing left,

Nothing but a broken world,

Filled with broken people,

Trying to keep up,


My darling,


Before it’s too late,

Before the world gives up on you.

(Just Breathe).


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