Echoing your name,

They all want you back,

Pulling you apart,

Limb by limb,

Breaking you down,

Destroying every bit of you,

The only choice ~

Give up,

Let them consume you,

Let them become you,

Taking every inch of you with them,

Dragging you down.


Your thoughts,

Your wants,

Your needs,

All irrelevant.

What matters you ask?


Their opinions,

Their happiness,

Their desires,

Pretending they care for you,

Faking their interest,

Who do they think they are?


Don’t you get it?

No matter how loud you scream,

Nobody cares,

It’s all an act,

As if your opinion ever mattered.


Sit down,

Shut up,

Let them tear you apart.

(As if you had a choice).


One thought on “Torn.”

  1. Some will hear you and want to communicate until yall are writing on the same page. Some want a relationship to mean something large than just being heard. We have listener but we need listener that act and solve. So, continue to use your voice. The right people will hear you and actually want to know you….

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