Write Where It Hurts.

Write Where It Hurts,

That’s what they say, isn’t it?

After all, with hurt comes emotions, buckets full of them. Raining, no, pouring down, enough to fill oceans. Oceans filled with these waves, all carrying different feelings, different thoughts, different emotions… and worst of all, different kinds of hurt. One after the other they begin to consume you, just when you come up for air the next one hits, followed by another, and another. Crashing down on top of you, weighing you down, no, holding you down.

Waves filling every aching part of your body with the worst kinds of pain, the kind that buries itself in your bones, the kind that you can never shake. So you begin to write, after all that’s what they say, write where it hurts, its meant to help, so here I am trying it. I am writing where it hurts, I am writing about every single wave that’s knocking me back, every wave that’s consuming me and filling my body with so much pain.

Yet, I still feel like I’m drowning, maybe it’s just me, or maybe its not as simple as they say it is. At the end of the day there’s always exceptions to the rule, so I ask this, one simple question~

What happens when it all hurts?

When every single part of your body aches, as you try to crawl inside yourself in an attempt to shudder the pain, as you take a blade to your skin in an attempt to erase the pain, as you fill oceans with tears trying to erase the pain that has become you. Attempt after attempt, failure after failure.

So here we stand,

All here to write our own stories, our own forms of ‘hurt’, in an attempt to express ourselves, to get something off our chest, to ease that aching feeling inside of us. We are all just writing where it hurts, because that’s the only way we know how to cope, but what happens when that isn’t enough, when you’ve written books full of hurt and come back with more pain than ever before.

What happens when writing isn’t enough?

What happens when the pain hits you like an ocean?

What happens when the waves begin dragging you down?

What happens when you run out of air?

And most importantly,

What the hell happens when it all hurts?


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