“Don’t cry.”


“Don’t cry,” I whisper.

Again and Again,

As if it will help.

Holding back tears,

“Don’t cry,” I say.

Crying invites weakness,

Weakness invites demons,

Demons invite nightmares,

An inescapable form of hell.

“Don’t cry,” I demand,

Nightmares consuming me,

Sadness becoming me,

Hold tight,

Hold on,

Trying to fight it.


“Don’t cry,” they whisper,

Noticing your sadness,

Sensing your weakness,

Smelling your demons,

Already in tears,

They know.

You were always weak,

Too late,

Tears filling your eyes,

“Don’t cry,” they say,


Tears becoming you,

Overwhelming you,

As you begin to drown.

“Don’t cry,” they demand,

Drop my drop,

Falling deeper and deeper,


(As if anyone could save you).


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