Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by people, yet still feel alone?

I constantly experience an overwhelming feeling of loneliness, consuming me, telling me I have nobody.

I find myself constantly craving that warmth only another person could provide.

The funny thing is, I hate being alone. Alone with my own thoughts takes me to dark place. So I began surrounding myself with as many people as I could, and attended party after party in an attempt to fill this void.

But once again, nothing worked.

Nothing ever works.

Continuing to feel alone, day after day.

What a sad reality, never knowing if this feeling will pass. A feeling I would never wish on anyone, almost like emptiness, as if there is always something missing and only a certain person could fill the void.

I have started getting more and more used to this feeling, at first struggling, almost battling with it, now it’s a part of me, and I can’t leave home without it.

The antidote?

Who knows.

I’m guessing there’s a heck of a lot of people out there who feel lonely.

So, my questions to you ~

How long does this last?

Is it temporary or permanent?

Do you ever get used to it?


When does it get to the point where you stop, where you give in, where you’ve had enough, where you finally accept the fact that loneliness is now your new best friend?


One thought on “Loneliness.”

  1. You are absolutely right, it is possible to feel lonely in a crowd. When does it stop? There is no one easy answer to that. Perhaps when you accept it as your best friend. Perhaps when you find the courage to reach out. Perhaps when you find a kernel of hope. Perhaps when someone unexpected gifts you with a random act of kindness – a smile, a hello, an invitation to join in a discussion…. I hope your journey grows lighter and brighter

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