Eyes fading,

Voice softening,

A person I could no longer recognise.


Exhale. Inhale. Exhale,

“Breathe” I whispered,

An impossible demand.


No longer able to separate me from you,

As your body gave up,

So did mine.


An empty shell of a person,

No longer the one who raised me,

A shell of a person.


Emptiness filled me,

Watching the oxygen escape your body,

Piece by piece you shattered,

I broke with you,

Together we were broken.


Struggling to collect the pieces,

I began putting them back together,

An absolute disaster,

Nothing could ever be the same,



Trying to fix myself first,

So wrapped up,

I forgot to fix you,

Lying there, broken,

Broken beyond belief,

Slowly slipping away.


I ran to you,

Too late,

We both knew it was inevtiable,

Already gone,

A person I no longer recognised.


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